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Inverted Marking Paint, Upside Down Marking Paint

Spray Products Corp. is a leading manufacturer of inverted marking paint. Inverted marking paint, also known as upside down marking paint, is specially formulated in a special spray can that works upside down. Inverted marking paint has many uses in a variety of applications and industries, marking high-visibility lines on asphalt, cement, grass, gravel, dirt, pavement, wood, and more. Use it as:
  1. Industrial marking paint
  2. Traffic marking paint
  3. Utility marking paint
  4. Road marking paint / highway marking paint
  5. Athletic field marking paint
  6. Construction marking paint
Spray Products manufactures inverted marking paint for all these uses and more. This upside down marking paint comes in cases of 12 - 16 ounce spray cans. Our inverted marking paint marks crisp, fast-dry, high-visibility lines on grass, pavement, cement, gravel, dirt, lumber and more.

Special Features of Spray Products' Inverted Marking Paint

  1. Non-clogging tip
  2. Special formation for inverted use
  3. Solvent-based or water-based

Colors of Spray Products' Inverted Marking Paint

APWA (American Public Works Association) Colors / General Purpose Colors
Stock No. Color
1800 APWA White (Proposed Excavation)
1801 APWA Red (Electrical Lines)
1802 APWA Orange (Communications Lines)
1803 Black (Corrections)
1804 APWA Yellow (Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum)
1805 APWA Blue (Potable Water)
1806 APWA Green (Sewers and Drain Lines)

Fluorescent Colors
Stock No. Color
1890 Red-Orange Fluorescent
1891 Orange Fluorescent
1892 Red Fluorescent
1893 Green Fluorescent
1894 Yellow Fluorescent

View Orr-lac Color Chart (PDF)

Spray Products - Your Inverted Marking Paint / Upside Down Marking Paint Wholesale Supplier

Spray Products is the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier for inverted marking paint because of:
  1. Reliable product quality
  2. Excellent customer service
  3. Easy ordering and fulfillment

Contact Spray Products Corp. - Your Inverted Marking Paint / Upside Down Marking Paint manufacturer

Call (610) 277-1010 or (800) 543-7710 to place an order or Click Here to Contact Spray Products for further assistance with all of your inverted marking paint / upside down marking paint needs.

Note: Spray Products' is a business-to-business company and does not sell directly to consumers. Our minimum order size is 16 cases. You can mix or match any of our products totaling 16 cases or more per order.