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Orr-Lac Spray Paint by Spray Products Corp.

Spray Products Corp. is a premier spray paint manufacturer and wholesale spray paint supplier, offering the Orr-lacŪ spray paint line of products. Orr-lac spray paint provides a fast drying, durable finish and can be used indoors or outdoors. Orr-Lac is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion. Spray Products manufactures Orr-lac Spray Paint:
  1. Standard Colors
  2. Primers
  3. OSHA Safety Colors
  4. Engine Paint
  5. Farm Implement Colors
  6. Detail / Rebuild Paint
  7. Upside Down Marking Paint
  8. High Heat Paint
  9. Fluorescent Paint
  10. Arts and Crafts Paint
As you can see, Spray Products / Orr-lac offers an extensive line of automotive spray paints, including car engine spray paint, high heat paint, primers, and spray paint specifically for auto detail and rebuild uses. Orr-lac spray paints are the highest quality products used in applications such as:
  1. Automotive
  2. Industrial
  3. Farm
  4. Graphic Arts
  5. Home and Crafts

Spray Products - Your Aerosol Spray Paint Manufacturer for Orr-lac Spray Paint, featuring:

  1. Experienced, professional staff
  2. Extensive manufacturing and warehouse capacities
  3. Reliable customer service
  4. Large distribution network

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Note: Spray Products' is a business-to-business company and does not sell directly to consumers. Our minimum order size is 16 cases. You can mix or match any of our products totaling 16 cases or more per order.