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High Heat Spray Paint, High Heat Spray Paint, Heat Resistant Spray Paint

Premium high heat paint from Spray Products has a special film thickness that withstands constant temperatures of 500°F and intermittent temperatures up to 1200°F. High heat spray paint is mainly used on exterior surfaces that are exposed to constant heat above 500. High heat paint is also called high temperature paint or heat resistant paint.

Typical Uses for High Heat Paint include:

  1. Auto engines (high heat engine paint)
  2. Automotive transmissions
  3. Diesel exhaust systems
  4. Steam pipes
  5. Radiators
  6. Ovens
  7. Motors
  8. Boilers
  9. Furnaces
  10. Trash burners
  11. Wood stoves
  12. Barbeque grills
High heat black spray paint, for example, is typically used on barbeque grills, stoves, chimneys, auto exhausts, and boilers.

Benefits of using Spray Products High Heat Spray Paint:

  1. Covers quickly
  2. Dries in minutes
  3. Can be recoated as soon as it is dry

Colors of Spray Products 1200°F High Heat Spray Paint:

Stock No. Color
950 Aluminum
951 Black
952 White
953 Red

View Orr-lac Color Chart (PDF)


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