Providing the finest quality aerosol chemical specialties and paints 
01. Private Label Aerosol Packaging
Private Label Aerosol Filling and Aerosol Packaging at Spray Products Corp. Spray Products does private label aerosol packaging and aerosol filling on a contract or custom basis for a variety of companies and industries, including many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.
Spray Products can use your formulation, help you develop your formulation, or use our extensive library of formulations.
02. Branded Spray Products
Branded Spray Products, including Orr-lac and Spray brand from Spray Products Corp. Spray Products is a premier spray paint manufacturer and wholesale spray paint supplier, offering the Orr-lac® spray paint line of products.
Spray Products manufactures Spray® brand aerosol chemical specialty products for use automotive and industrial use, such as starting fluid and lubricants.

   Our Facility
Spray Products Corp. - a leading aerosol manufacturer
  1. The latest state-of-the-art aerosol manufacturing equipment
  2. Extensive warehousing and shipping capacity
  3. Huge inventory of raw materials
  4. Experienced, professional staff
  5. Reliable customer service

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